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TopSolid is the only 3D parametric solid modeling and design system that has been developed specifically for use in a manufacturing environment and not purely for design purposes.

This means that all design functions have been created to support the subsequent requirements and operations of the manufacturing process.

In other words, TopSolid provides all the capabilities of the well known modeling products that have no machining ability at all and then integrates these capabilities to a highly sophisticated CNC programming system that can simulate machine tools of all types including 5-axis machining.


This unique combination of design and automation in one package offers tremendous benefits to the end user. Because all aspects of the manufacturing process is imbedded in the design including tooling and toolpath information, the machining requirements are automatically interpreted by the CAM system.

Additionally, the design model, draft documents, bill of materials and the CAM program all remain linked in a 2-way exchange of information. This means that when orders require a change in configuration, it's simply a matter of changing the model and the machining is automatically updated along with any drawings or other manufacturing information. TopSolid is a parametric modeler, which means that changes to the model are automatically adapted by the software. This makes even major alterations can be done quickly.

On top of this, TopSolid provides a direct interface to other CAM solutions like Genio, Xilog, Maestro, BiesseWorks and WoodWop, to name a few, to provide support for the individual strengths of those programs to give the end user access to the advanced automation options that these programs offer.

This provides the user with the best of both worlds.